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onas.jpgThe traditions of the Company date back to 1988, and in the present legal formula, it has functioned since September 1991. The products of our company are widely used in many branches of industry, e.g. in the metallurgical industry, mining, power industry, machines and automotive industries. Our offer also includes solutions for the chemical and food industries.

Our basic area of activity are modern sealing and regeneration technologies for production and supplementary trade and service offer. As early as in the nineties, our area of activity was expanded with designing of sealings and sealing systems, which allowed us to provide implementation services and "turnkey" realisation, i.e. designing, prototype preparation, production, installation and implementation at the client's premises. Owing to the restructuring of Companies and delegating new, specialised tasks to external companies, this offer has been received with much interest among our clients.

Thus, we reach a broad group of clients operating in different market sectors, providing complex services for their needs, in emergencies, as well as, in most cases, in maintaining the efficiency of technological lines, machinery stock  and production or service equipment. Our personnel consists, in majority, of engineers and technical schools graduates, who are constantly developing their skills, in the areas of engineering knowledge and practically. The Integrated Management System introduced in 2006, based on PN-EN ISO 9001 and 14001 , has authenticated the effectiveness of development-oriented actions of the company, forcing us to implement up-to-date standards of various processes, including client service, production, quality control and resources. An indispensable supplementation for the functioning of a modern Company is an ERP-class management platform expanded with CRM modules, controlling and electronic Izam transactions.

The company operates in an integrated building with a functional modular structure with production, storage and office modules.

The production module includes production halls, where all production operations are conducted and a measurement room with a control and measurement station. Machines and devices used:

  • CNC machining cells, operating in closed circulation. Each cell has a design station
  • auxiliary and workshop devices: grinders, cutters, polishers, lathes, milling machines, welders, etc.
  • hydraulic presses

onas.jpgThe office module includes e.g. a service office, marketing and a technology-design workshop.

The storage module is a linear row of industrial storerooms integrated with the distribution hall, where there are conducted operations of confectioning, packing and preparation for issuing / shipping.

The latest solutions in the area of structural wiring and systems integration used place our premises in the group of buildings with the highest functional and utility category for this type of investments.

"Integrated Management System Policy
in accordance with
PN-EN ISO 9001
and PN-EN ISO 14001"
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